• Rubik's Cube Club

    Open to: all students

    Advisor(s): Ms. Reynolds (mgreynolds@wcpss.net)

    Meets: Every Wednesdays during Spartan Time


    From Jason and Remi (the club's student leaders):
    Teach people how to solve a 3x3 Rubik's cube using the beginner method (3x3 is the normal one)
    Teach people how to pick a good speed cube and how to maintain and lube it.
    Teach people how to solve a cube fast using the CFOP system
    Show people how a cube works and how it turns (this will improve their understanding of a Rubik's cube)
    We will host competitions every 2-3 weeks and the winner will get various prizes (like lube, candy, and sometimes an actual cube).
    Show people how other methods work like Roux, Petrus and ZZ and people don’t really use them anymore
    Show people how to solve other, more complicated cubes.(like the 4x4, 5x5, Pyraminx, megamix ect..)
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