Policies and Procedures

  • Cell Phones

    Salem is proud to be a BYOD school.  This means that all phones and other personal devices may be used when teachers incorporate this technology into their lesson plans.  At all other times during the school day, including lunch and in between classes, cell phones must be off and out of sight.

    Early Checkouts

    Students will not be available for pick up between 2:45 and 3:00 PM, due to the frenzy of the end-of-day activities. Please plan any early dismissal arrangements accordingly. Your cooperation is greatly appreciated. 

    Also, as a reminder, if your student is tracked out, they should not be on campus during the school day with the exception of band and yearbook. Students are not allowed to come and join friends during lunch. Parents, thank you for helping us to enforce this policy.

    Video Announcements/Classroom Disruptions

    Video announcements are used for notifying our students of current news and all dropped off items. When a parent brings in an item, the student's name is placed on the video announcements. The announcements run throughout the day on our TVs located in each room. 

    It is the student's responsibility to check these announcements and report to the front office. We pride ourselves on protecting educational time and our video announcements eliminate unnecessary calls into the classroom. It is our policy to ONLY call the classroom for medical and dismissal issues. Any exception to this policy requires a Principal's approval. Thank you for your support. 

    Educationally Excused Absences

    At Salem, we recognize the importance of educational opportunities that exist outside of the classroom. We know that these experiences are valuable to our students and want to support these efforts. See the Attendance and Absences page to request an excused absence for educational reasons.