Digital Resources

  • The tool below shows digital resources that are available to WCPSS teachers and approved for student use. Not all tools are used at each school. Please check with your child's teacher with questions about any specific digital resources being used at Salem.

    • The Digital Resource Product Library displays WCPSS-reviewed digital tools. 
    • If a tool is not listed in the Digital Resource Product Library, it has not been reviewed and should not be used. 
    • Tools are listed alphabetically and include an approval status. 
    • Use the filter option to view by approval status or the search bar to search for a specific tool.
    • WCPSS staff must continue to access the Digital Resource Product Library from the WakeID Portal. This view is for families only.


    Product Approval Status Definitions

    Recommended: Fully approved for use. District supported.

    Recommended with Conditions - Approved for use with specific conditions. Usage could be limited by device type, age, or other conditions. District supported.

    Allowed with Conditions: Allowed for use. Usage could be limited by device type, age, or other conditions.

    Conditionally Allowed: Allowed for use during the 2023-24 school year. It will be reviewed to determine status for 2024-25.

    Reviewed & Denied: Not allowed. Use is prohibited due to instructional concerns, security concerns, or technical concerns.

    Expiring: Beginning with the 2024-25 school year, use of this product will not be allowed. 

    The Digital Resource Product Library is displayed below. You can also visit the library using this link.