Visitors and Volunteers

  • Signing In as a Visitor

    When visiting Salem Middle School, please report directly to the office to sign in. You must use the front entrance to the building. This is for the safety of all students.



    All visitors must be wearing a badge. The visitor registration station in the main office will print one for you. It is important that you display this badge prominently as you walk through the school. Staff members will ask to see your badge and escort you back to the main office if you do not have one.  


  • Volunteers play an important role in our school district.  We are grateful to parents and community members who contribute their time and talents to supporting our students.

    Per WCPSS Board Policy 5015: School Volunteers, the school board encourages principals to develop and implement plans and procedures for utilizing school volunteers, including those who wish to volunteer in a virtual capacity. Principals continue to have discretion to determine whether volunteers are needed and are encouraged to use volunteers when needed.

    All volunteers must pass criminal history and sexual offender registry checks and comply with WCPSS Board policy 5020: Visitors to the School.

    Questions about volunteering in our schools?

    Contact your school’s volunteer coordinator or contact the District Volunteer Coordinator at or 919-694-8233.

    We look forward to serving with you!