• PTSA Moore Square Ride Share

    Want to cut your wait time in carpool? Need transportation help? 

    Join the M2MS Ride Share!

    1.         First, fill out the Ride Share questionnaire at: https://tinyurl.com/M2MS-RideShareForm

    2.         When you are done, hit SUBMIT

    To see who else is interested in sharing a ride or carpooling to and from school go to:


    OR hit “See previous responses” and then in the top left hand corner “View all responses”. It should take you to a spreadsheet with information from everyone who has signed up. Please note families in red have not confirmed participation for the 2017-2018 year.

    * If you would like to receive updates to the list when a new person joins, go to “Tools” at the top of the page and under “Notification Rules” add “If form submitted then send email”

    -Questions? Please feel free to contact the coordinator at melaniebaiardo@gmail.com