• Transportation

    WCPSS Transportation Website (external link)
    This site is an excellent source of information for parents and staff. It includes bus routes, bus updates, FAQs and transportation policy and guidelines.
    WCPSS School Bus Safety Initiatives  This site includes new bus boarding process video.  
    School Bus Safety Tips (external link)
    Student safety is a priority of the WCPSS Transportation system. RIDING THE BUS IS A PRIVILEGE, NOT A RIGHT. In order to make our buses as safe as possible, students must follow all school rules. Special attention must be paid to the following:
    1. Stay seated at all times.
    2. Body parts and other items are to stay inside the bus windows.
    3. Fighting, profanity, and throwing items are prohibited.
    4. All school rules are in effect on the bus.
    Each bus driver has the right to add additional requirements and assign specific seating. Disciplinary problems reported by the driver will be handled by an administrator. Students are not allowed to ride any bus other than their assigned bus route. Violations of any rules may result in a temporary or permanent suspension from bus transportation services and/or other school imposed disciplinary measures. Serious or repeated violations may result in disciplinary actions as outlined in the Wake County Transportation Policy.
    Contact the transportation office to request a bus route, bus stop, stop change, to ask a question, or to report a problem/concern -  WCPSS Transportation.
    Students must have a pass to ride the Activity Bus after school.  The staff member that they are staying with after school will provide one for the student.  




  • Carpool / Drop-off

    All students must be dropped off at the designated locations identified by the supervising teachers - not at the elementary building and not in the teacher parking lot. All cars are asked to move to the front of the circle for dropping off and picking up. Do not leave any spaces in between. Please pay attention to the traffic supervisors for the safest and fastest pick-up and drop-off.