• Cafeteria

    WCPSS School Meal Information

    LRMS Cafeteria Manager: Lorane Bolden lbolden@wcpss.net

    Cafeteria rules:

    1. Upon arrival to the cafeteria, students go directly through the serving line before placing items on tables or sitting down.
    2. Students shall go through the line one time only; purchase all items at one time.
    3. Students will sit in assigned area and will remain seated until dismissed by an adult. Do NOT get up to move seats or to throw away trash. Wait until you are dismissed to throw away trash.
    4. Each student is responsible for leaving the table and floor neat and clean. On a rotating basis, students are assigned to clean their team area of the cafeteria.
    5. Cutting in line and throwing food are prohibited.
    6. Students remain seated until an adult dismisses them. Students may not leave the cafeteria without a pass.
    7. Students may only purchase items from the snack machines during the first 15 minutes of their lunch (no other times during the day).
    8. Do NOT leave the cafeteria with any bottles of drinks or any food. All food and drink must be consumed in the cafeteria.

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