• It is very important to start each day with a routine that provides children with the time they need to arrive at school ready to learn.  Research shows that daily student attendance is critical to academic achievement.  In order to learn, children must be on time and in school.  The State of North Carolina (General Statute 115C-378) requires compulsory school attendance for children up to age 16. 

    Absences:  To report an illness/absence, please call (919) 431-8141 to leave a message stating your child’s name, date of the absence,  child’s teacher and the reason for absence. 

    Notes:  Upon returning to school, a written excuse from parents must be delivered to the teacher.  You can use this Attendance Note form or write your own excuse. The excuse should include:


    · Your child’s name

    · Date(s) of absence

    · Specific reason for the absence

    · Parent’s signature