• Read to Achieve

    How will Read to Achieve affect my child?

    Second grade students will be invited to attend Reading Camp based on mCLASS middle and end-of-year assessments. If your child qualifies for this opportunity, you will receive a letter. The Reading Camp will be held for 72 hours during summer break.
    All third grade students who do not obtain a Lexile level of 725 or higher, do not pass the Reading End-of-Grade test or Read to Achieve test will be invited to attend Reading Camp. 

    What steps are being taken to ensure your child reads at grade level by the end of 3rd grade?

    Your child’s teacher teaches reading throughout the year. We will share information about your child’s progress in reading through report cards, interim reports, conferences, emails and in the mCLASS Home Connect Report – important reports that provide information specific to your child’s reading skills. The mCLASS Home Connect Report gives suggestions about activities that you can do at home to help. Read your child’s Student Summary Handout carefully and talk with your child’s teacher about his or her progress.

    What if my child is struggling to read?

    We will provide additional support if your child has difficulties with his or her reading. You are encouraged to attend parent conferences with your child’s teacher to work together to help your child read at grade level by the end of the year. Your child’s teacher can provide strategies that you can use at home to help your child read better, including information about accessing and navigating the mCLASS Home Connect Report.

    How will we determine that your child is reading at grade level?

    Second and third grade students will be assessed using mCLASS, EL assessments and class performance to ensure they are developing foundational reading skills.