Welcome to Social Studies

  • The primary goal of the Middle Creek High School Social Studies Department is to teach our student body how to be good citizens. In order to accomplish this task, the teachers at Middle Creek emphasize civic competency. Civic competency is measured by two criteria: knowledge and skills. The North Carolina Standard Course of Study revolves around the teaching of History, Civics, Economics, Geography and Psychology. Through this curriculum, students develop their critical thinking skills to help them in problem solving as they mature. In addition, students learn the importance of civic participation and responsibility. 
    Social Studies Courses
    All students must pass four core classes to meet the graduation requirements - World History, American History I, American History II (or AP U.S. History), and The Founding Principles, Civics & Economics. These courses are offered at both the academic and honors level. In addition, the Social Studies Department offers Advanced Placement courses - AP Human Geography, AP U.S. History, AP Psychology and AP Government and Politics. Finally, there are electives that students can choose - Geography, Psychology/Sociology, and Law and Justice.