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    There are still a few slots for summer driver education available for Middle Creek students! Please claim slots before May 17, 2024. After May 17, 2024, available slots will be on a first come basis!!


    Once available, new updated registration and class schedules will be posted at www,jordandriving.com.


    Available Summer Class Schedule


    July 15-16-7-18-19                              8:00 AM – 2:30 PM

    August 5-6-7-8-9                                 8:00 AM – 2:30 PM


     BTW (behind the wheel in car training) Status

    Students are contacted by the BTW Instructor in class and age order with oldest          students getting the courtesy call first. Each student must get 6 hours of BTW (behind     the wheel) instruction and 6 hours of observation (4 hrs. per day x 3 days) in the car   training.

    Currently, we are training the students in the November class.

    For each class, I will estimate your BTW,

    November 2023 class = May for BTW,

    December 2023 class = May/June for BTW

    February 2024 class = June for BTW; and so, on as best for your BTW training!


    Private Driving Option:  

    If you wish to seek private instructions on your own, please seek the private driving

    school of your choice and please follow instructions at:

    Go to: www.jordandriving.com  

    Select: In ad Out Transfer and follow instructions. 

    The BTW training pace is slow. Hopefully, we will get to serve you soon.  

    Again, Thanks for your patience.


    Driver Education Process


    Middle Creek Driver Education


    Driver Education Phone (919)773-3838 ext. 21892

    Contact: Thomas Hunter


    Classroom Instructor: Deborah Dove

    Room 2100 (200 wing; second floor beside the elevator)



    Registration timelines for driver education classes once finalized

      •  First semester (September) for the Fall sessions!
      • Second semester (December) for the Spring sessions!
      • Early spring (April) for the Summer sessions!


    Once available, new updated registration and class schedules will be posted at www,jordandriving.com. 

    Registration Information:


    How to register for the Driver Education Program at Middle Creek High:


    The registration information for all driver education programs supported through Jordan Driving School can be accessed at jordandriving.com. All registration must be submitted and paid for online, during the registration window. Student/Parent must register the student. The website will not show classes schedules until registration opens.

      • Registration is first come first served! 
      • Students can only attend driver's education classes at their assigned/attending school.
      • Registration and Payment are now paperless.
      • Students must be 14.5 years of age by the first day of class to be eligible to register.


    Visit jordandriving.com/middle-creek-high-school for registration information, registration link, & course details for Middle Creek High School


    Jordan Driving School offers


    Classroom Instruction


    The Driver Education classroom program is a minimum of 30 hours of classroom instructions requirement. There is a minimum class size of 25 students and a maximum of 35 students. The class schedule is normally 3 hours per day for 10 scheduled school days after school hours. The class schedule for summer driver education classes are 6 hours per day for 5 scheduled days during the summer. All cell phones and any other devices by students MUST BE OFF during driver education program.


    Eye Examination


    DMV representative is scheduled to visit Middle Creek during one of each classroom session to check student’s vision and medications. If a student receives a medical or vision form from a DMV representative to take to your doctor, the student must visit his/her doctor and return the paperwork to the Driver Education department. A student may be required to revisit the DMV representative at school. Students cannot drive until all vision and medical paperwork is completed and signed by DMV representative.


    Behind the Wheel Training


    Once all classroom requirements are completed, students will be assigned a driving instructor to schedule your behind the wheel driving training. The behind the wheel instructor is responsible for calling and scheduling students to drive. When called, please remember to write down your driving instructor’s name and number, driving schedule, place to meet and to be picked up. You must provide your own transportation to and from driving sessions. All cell phones and any other devices by students MUST BE OFF in the car during driver training. Please be patient as we attempt to drive students as quickly as possible.


    Additional information


    For additional information, a message may be left for the lead teacher, who will return the call as soon as possible. You may also visit Jordan Driving School website at jordandriving.com. On the website you will find general information, email addresses for the lead teachers, specific classroom dates and a list of additional classes that might be available. For Behind the Wheel questions or information specific to your school, contact your lead teacher.


    Contact Information


    Please contact the driver education coordinator at Middle Creek High School, Thomas Hunter at  middlecreek@jordandriving.com. or (919) 773-3838 ext. 21892 if you have any questions or concerns that this website cannot answer.