Log into WakeID (grades 3-13)

Log into WakeID (grades 3-13)

  • The WakeID Portal allows you to access many WCPSS tools and applications including Google, Canvas, Office 365. This document will help you log into WakeID for the first time. To learn more about your WakeID, visit mywakeid.wcpss.net.

Student Login

  • 1. Using Google Chrome or Firefox, visit wakeid.wcpss.net.

    2. Click Select User Type and choose Student.

    3. Enter your WakeID. (for example: jrsmith7)

    4. Click Continue to Log In.

    Screenshot illustrating steps 2, 3, and 4

    5. Enter your WakeID Password. The password is your student ID number.

    6. Click Continue to Log In. If this is your first time logging in, students must continue to the next section to change their password.

    Screenshot illustrating steps 5 and 6

    After a successful login, the Applications page will display.

    Important: Click Logout when done.

    Screenshot illustrating logout on wakeid

Change Password on First Login

  • After logging into WakeID for the first time, students in grades 3-13 must change their password.

    1. Complete instructions under the section "Student Login."

    2. Click CLICK HERE to change your password. The link will only display:

    • for students in grades 3-13.
    • after valid credentials are entered.

    Screenshot illustrating step 2

    3. Update your password.

    • Follow Password Requirements displayed.
    • Cannot be your student ID.
    • Enter your new password in both fields.

    Note: Your WakeID password is one password that allows access to multiple WCPSS applications.

    4. Click Next.

    screenshot illustrating the "next" button

    WakeID password is changed.

    Screenshot illustrating image of password change confirmation



The first password is your student ID number.

Tip: Your student ID number is your lunch number.

Students in grades 3-13 must change their password after first login (scroll down to Change Password on First Login).