• WCPSS Code of Student Conduct

    The Wake County Code of Student Conduct applies to any student who is on school property, who is in attendance at school or any school-sponsored activity, or whose conduct at any time or place, on or off campus, has a direct and immediate effect on maintaining order and discipline or protecting the safety and welfare of students or staff in the school.  Students are accountable for knowing Board policies presented in the WCPSS Student/Parent Handbook.

    Student Responsibility

    Middle Creek High School recognizes its responsibility to provide each student with an opportunity to receive an education and to provide an atmosphere which is conducive to learning.  Middle Creek students also share this responsibility.  Students are expected to show good citizenship at all times and to follow instructions given to them by any teacher or staff member.  Students who do not fulfill their responsibilities will be dealt with fairly but firmly to protect the rights of all students and staff members.  Students are expected to be familiar with all rules of behavior in the Code of Student Conduct.

    Students are to assist in promoting a safe and orderly school environment.  Students are expected and encouraged to report to school authorities any serious violations or potential for violations of the Code of Student Conduct.  In order for our school to operate smoothly and efficiently, the following policies and procedures have been established. 

    Legal and appropriate instructional and disciplinary actions at Middle Creek High School shall include, but not limited to that which is outlined in the WCPSS BOE Student / Parent Handbook.