Student Parking and Lunch Passes

  • Parking is a privilege offered to Juniors and Seniors until all student spaces on campus are sold.  Decisions regarding Sophomore parking will be made after the opening of school based on parking availability.

    • The first round of MCHS Parking Passes will be available for online purchase TBD. Click Here for more information. 
    • Once the first round has concluded, parking pass collection will close between August 14th- August 25th. On August 29, 2023 or after, students may submit completed applications and payment to the main office. 

    2023-24 MCHS Parking Pass Information

    2023-2024 Parking Application

    Lunch Pass Sales

    Off campus lunch passes are available to Juniors and Seniors in good standing.  Students interested in securing an off-campus lunch pass should carefully read and follow the guidelines of the Lunch Permit Application.

    Key portions of the application include:

    1. All outstanding fees/fines must be cleared, including all Junior and Senior dues.  Individual fees/fines can be paid in the main office at school from Monday - Thursday.  Class dues and the lunch pass fee must be paid using the online school payment system (Date TBD).
    2. Lunch pass photo and pickup dates are August during the identified times on the application.  
    3. Applications that are incomplete or do not follow the identified timeline will not be processed.

    Student Off-Campus Lunch Pass Application