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Special Education

  • The goal of the Special Education Department is to help ensure that every student identified with a disability have every opportunity to succeed in school, work and life. The special education staff provides structures for learning for students with disabilities and supports interventions and accommodations to overcome barriers to learning. 

    To provide services to the students, five distinct programs are offered at MCHS; a Separate Multi-Handicapped program, a Separate Autistic program, an Occupational Course of Study program, Resource program, and a Behavior Support program. A Curriculum Assistant Lab is available to students who need additional support outside the general education classroom. 

    Each student on an IEP is assigned a case manager. The case manager is responsible for the development of the IEP and ensures that the student's teachers are aware of the contents of the IEP and have access to it. The case manager also strives to build a strong positive relationship with the student, and all the people at school and home who play a role in that child's education.