• East Wake High School

    2024 Summer School

    Application Information


    Thank you for your interest in applying to attend the 2024 East Wake Magnet High School Summer School program. Our Summer School program this year will have multiple pathways for students to participate.

    General Information:

    • Dates: July 8th-August 2nd (August 1st and 2nd are reserved for testing as needed)
    • Location: On Site and Blended will be at East Wake High School Media Center. Off Site will only report to campus to complete their final exams.
    • Morning Session: 8:00am-11:30 am (One 10-minute break will be held at 10:00am)
    • Afternoon Session: 12:00pm-3:30pm (One 10-minute break will be held at 2:00pm)

    Summer School Pathways:

    Students will indicate on their application a preference for one of the following pathways. Each pathway is slightly different in how the student engages with their assigned coursework and expectations for assignments as listed below. Please review these carefully in order to make the best decision for your summer school preference.

    1. On-site students
      1. Report to campus each day during their assigned session (morning or afternoon).
      2. Students will take the Pre and Post Assessment for each assigned course objective.
      3. Students are able to place out of objectives based on their score on the Pre Assessment.
      4. Students will earn a credit upon successful completion of the assigned course work. No final/cumulative exam is required.
    2. Blended - Onsite/Offsite students
      1. May be on/off site for credit recovery course (will be assigned to a morning/afternoon session) and can report as they are able.
      2. Coursework modules can be completed at home.
      3. Student must be onsite for all post assessments.
      4. Student will earn a credit upon succesful completion of their assigned course work. No final/cumulative exam is required.
    3. Off Site students (Offered based on availability. If not able to offer, student will be invited to Blended).
      1. Student will engage in and complete all credit recovery modules off site.
      2. Summer School Teacher will facilitate and provide support virtually (via email, Google Meet, and/or phone as needed).
      3. Student must report to campus to complete final cumulative exam in order to earn course credit.

    The primary option will be for students to report to campus each day to complete their assigned course work. On Site and Blended (On Site/Off Site) students will be assigned to either a morning OR afternoon session. A student may be offered the opportunity to enroll in a maximum of one (1) credit recovery course at a time. Students may be offered the opportunity to earn additional credits upon successful completion of an initial course. We will have a limited number of seats available for summer school this year. In addition to reviewing a student’s attendance/participation in their courses and academic history, the following criteria will be considered to determine which students are offered the opportunity to attend summer school this year. 

    Students are admitted in the following priority order:

    1. Seniors needing a class to graduate (Class of 2024)
    2. Juniors needing a class to be promoted/graduate on time (Class of 2023)
    3. Sophomores needing a class to be promoted
    4. Freshmen needing a class to be promoted

    Please review the following information. More detailed information regarding expectations will be shared with students offered the opportunity to attend.


    On-Site students are expected to report to campus every day and work for their entire assigned session (until course completion). Blended Onsite/Off Site students are expected to log in and complete their assigned assignments each day. Off Site students are expected to login and complete their assigned coursework each day. Students who do not log in each day will be considered absent. On Site or Off Site students with unexcused absences might not finish their courses or could lose their seat to a wait-listed student. TWO (2) absences are allowed for all courses. Upon the third absence, the student will be dropped from the course and no credit will be earned. 


    On-site and Blended Students are expected to provide their own transportation for their assigned session (Morning or Afternoon). Bus Transportation will not be available this year and students are expected to arrive/depart campus on time for their assigned session. Off Site students will need to provide their own transportation to campus to take their final exam.


    Please complete the linked application by 4:00 pm on Friday, June 21st. Applications will be reviewed and those students who are offered the opportunity to attend will be contacted beginning on Monday, June 24th. Applications received after Friday, June 21st will be added to our wait-list and considered as seats in our program become available.