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Attend Virtual Fair Nov. 6 to Learn More About Magnet Schools, Early Colleges and Crossroads FLEX

Oct. 27, 2021


The virtual Magnet, Early College and Crossroads FLEX Fair will be held Saturday, Nov. 6 from 9 a.m. to noon. Register now.


The application period for Early Colleges and Crossroads FLEX High School is open now through Dec. 14. The application period for magnet and/or year-round schools is open now through Jan. 27. 


Magnet schools offer innovative programs that challenge students to think creatively and analytically, while diverse student body populations enable students to learn and see things from a different perspective. 


Early Colleges help students get a head start on college while they earn their high school diplomas, allowing them to earn college credits tuition-free and get hands-on career experience. 


Crossroads FLEX offers a mix of online and in-person learning to serve students whose outside interests and activities require considerable amounts of time during regular school hours.


Students who attend year-round schools have a three-week break after each quarter instead of one long summer break. Many parents say the more frequent breaks offer a number of benefits, including keeping students rested and refreshed and allowing families to take vacations at different times of year.