• What is BYOD?

    Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) is an initiative being implemented in  many Wake County schools that allows students the opportunity to bring electronic devices to school and use them to facilitate learning.  "Devices" are defined as privately owned wireless and portable electronic devices.

      Student devices are used to support learning, enhance instruction, and provide the best possible outcome for student achievement.

      Students unable to bring their own devices to school will be provided access to school owned technology.

    BYOD at Rand Road

    The BYOD initiative at Rand Road will encourage students to use digital tools to improve their communication, creativity, critical thinking and collaborative skills (the 4 C's).  We envision a classroom setting, with deliberate and appropriate integration of digital tools, in order to foster students’ problem solving skills in a 21st century environment.   It’s not about the device, it is about enhancing instructional practices, student engagement and ownership of learning.

    What Devices can my child bring?

     Your child may bring any internet-enabled device that can connect to the district's wireless network.  Possible devices include:

                                                    -iPads                                                 -Chromebooks

    Who will be participating in BYOD?

     All students in 3rd-5th grade will have the opportunity to participate in BYOD.  Teachers will determine how they will integrate BYOD into their instruction.