Welcome to the Rand Road Media Center

  • Media Specilist: Ms. Sarah Tronic


    Our library catalog: rand road media center catalog

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    Media Center Hours


    As long as the Open sign is up, students in 3rd through 5th are always welcome in the media center to use self check-in and out.

    Check Out Limits:

    Kindergarten: 1 book

    1st and 2nd grades: 2 books

    3rd-5th grades: Unlimited 

    Media Center Policies:

    Books are checked out for two weeks at at time, but there are no overdue fines at our media center.  Even if a book/books are overdue, students are allowed to continue to check out new books up to their grade level limit.

     If you know a book has been permanently lost, please ask for a print out of the amount due.  If you believe your child has returned a book, please contact me and I will look in the media center.  Since students in 1st through 5th grade are responsible for checking in their own books, this does sometimes happen.


Easy Reader section of media center
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