• If you are available to volunteer in any capacity within our school, we would love to have you.  However, all volunteers must register.  Registration can only be done in  a Wake County school and not at home.  You will need a driver's license and any previous home addresses outside of North Carolina within the past 10 years.  This registration must be completed every school year.  Please come to the office to get started.

  • We have numerous community partners who volunteer in our schools each day, working one-on-one with students to help them reach success. Volunteers serve as tutors, mentors, and business partners, providing valuable support to our schools.

    We urge members of the community to get involved in our schools to help us better serve all of our students. Once thought to be the province of parents, our schools are eager to involve the entire community including individuals, senior citizens, college students, businesses, churches and synagogues, community groups and others in support of education.

    Volunteers for academic achievement

    Many schools utilize volunteers to help students improve their reading, writing and math skills. A designated school volunteer coordinator will match a student that needs additional help in one or more areas with a trained volunteer. Having time to volunteer during the school day can be essential. However, special consideration may be provided if there is an additional opportunity to work with the student before or after school.

    Other opportunities to participate

    People who want to help children will find many ways to volunteer in the schools. They help in the classroom, on the practice field, in the office, in the library or in the computer lab. Schools need adults to help personalize learning for students and help children see where today's classroom lessons apply in the community.


You can register to volunteer online. To register, please visit your child's school during school hours. Bring identification with you. All volunteers will need to register and pass a criminal background check. Website registration from home is not possible for security reasons. Start your registration on a school computer now.