• Bring Your Own Device FAQ’s

    Who will use my child’s device?
    Your child is responsible for his/her device and will be the only person using it. This includes other students and staff. In fact, staff members are not permitted to touch student devices per WCPSS.  We will be operating on a “No Touch” policy.  

    Who will download apps onto my child’s device?
    To begin, we foresee most devices being used for web-based activities. If an app is recommended by a staff member for students, the app will be downloaded at home.

    Where will devices be stored?
    Students will store their devices in their book bags or in a designated location in the classroom.  The devices will be locked when a teacher is not present.

    What happens if the devices doesn't work correctly or gets an error message?
    Teachers and WCPSS personnel will not be allowed to troubleshoot devices.

    Will extra devices max out the existing wifi?
    WCPSS has set up a separate WiFi network specifically for BYOD devices.

    How will I know that my child will not be able to access inappropriate and/or unsafe content on their device?
    The BYOD wireless access has the same firewall protection as the wifi already being used in WCPSS. Staff will also continue to model and teach safe and ethical use of tech tools. Personal data plans will not be permitted to be used while on school grounds.

    When will my child use their device?
    Each teacher will continue to lesson plan as usual and will inform students when devices will and will not be needed. A method of communication between school and home as when to bring devices will be established by each homeroom. Devices will only be used for educational purposes, to support teaching and learning. They will not be allowed to be accessible during any other times or locations around campus.

    My child does not have photo permission. What if someone takes a picture with their device?
    Students are already taught about photo permissions and are instructed not to take photos unrelated to instructional purposes. This would remain the policy in BYOD classrooms.  Current standards will not be compromised with BYOD..

    Can I install a school printer on my child’s device so he/she can print their school work?
    No printers will be allowed to be installed on personal devices. Any work completed on web based sites or the cloud can be shared with teachers to access or the student can access a school computer or laptop in order to print.

    What if I don’t have a device I can send to school?
    Bringing devices to school is voluntary. Anyone without a personal device will have the same access to school devices we have always provided.  

    Can I choose which days I want my child to bring a device or do I have to promise to send it every day it is requested if I sign the BYOD user agreement?
    BYOD is completely optional and the use of your device is decided upon by you at all times. You can send the device some days and not others without compromising your child’s access to technology for the day’s lesson plan.

    If I upgrade my cell phone, can my old phone be used a BYOD device without a data plan?
    YES!  Old discarded phones make a GREAT BYOD device!  Even if there is no data, text or calling capability, old smart phones can still connect to wifi and function like an iPod (android or apple ios). 

    How do I access the Internet?
    You will learn how to access the school's wireless network during a parent information session. Following this information session, your child's homeroom teacher will be able to help you access the wireless network.

    When can I use my device?
    ​You can use your device when directed by the teacher to use it in class. Your classroom teacher is the one that determines whether or not you will be needing your device during his/her class. 

    What if I can't get my device to access the school's network? 
    It is not the responsibility of the classroom teacher to "fix" your device. Most tablets/systems/smartphones will ask you if you want to join a detected wireless connection and then you can join the county provided network. If your device does not, try clicking on the network icon/program and search for an available wireless network. 

    Do I need to pay for any applications/programs for my device? 
    Most tools will be web-based or free apps and should not cost anything. 

    If I have stored some of my work on my student drive at school, how do I access it from home? 
    You cannot. Your student drive at school is in a secured environment and can only be accessed from within the school's network. If you store your work within your provided Google account/drive, you will be able to access it from home. 

    What if my device is damaged during the day or stolen? 
    BYOD is a privilege and not a requirement. Therefore, you are bringing your device to school at your own risk. 
    Rand Road Elementary School and/or WCPSS is not responsible for damaged, lost, or stolen devices. 

    Why can't I use my 3G/4G network during school? 
    The wireless network provided by WCPSS has security and filters that make Internet access safer and more directed for learning. 

    What if I don't have a device to bring to school? 
    BYOD is not a requirement. All students will be provided needed access to devices, networks, or the Internet when learning requirements demand it.

    Will my child be able to charge a device at school?
    No, charging stations will not be available.  Please send a fully charged device.

    Will my child need their own headphones?
    Yes, please send a pair of ear buds which can be kept at school.

    Can my child use their device on the bus?

    No, devices must be in backpacks and put away on the bus.