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Official SAT Practice at Khan Academy

For the first time ever. For you. For free.

The College Board's assessments will work together to provide benchmarks and consistent feedback for measuring student progress over time, allowing students' performance on these assessments to help teachers accelerate students based on their individual needs. The scores for each assessment will provide support for teachers and students in their efforts to create personalized plans for student practice and growth. And the subscores and guidance will be directly linked to your individual state standards.

Free, personalized, deliberate practice resources for all students

The College Board is making excellence easier through free, personalized, focused practice resources for all students. These resources are supplemental to the strong instruction students are receiving in their classrooms. In partnership with Khan Academy, we're removing barriers that students and their families face in accessing high-quality practice resources for the SAT in addition to offering teachers a new partner in their hard work of preparing students for college.

The College Board is also collaborating with school districts and organizations such as the Boys & Girls Clubs of America to ensure that as many students as possible can take advantage of these practice resources.

A full, redesigned PSAT/NMSQT and PSAT 10 practice test is available through the College Board, and dynamic, interactive SAT study tools are available through Khan Academy. These practice resources are supplemental to the best way to prepare for the tests — through great classroom instruction.