Science Club

  • Sciecne Club Science Club is open to 4th and 5th graders. We will discuss science topics and perform fun science labs that align with NCSCOS goals. The labs will be an extension of the grade level content. Science Club members will compete in the NC Science Olympiad. NC Science Olympiad is a single day event which will be held on May 5th. Our team competes in 18 different events related to the NCSCOS science objectives. Some events are hands-on building events while others test the student's content knowledge through a series of open ended questions. We compete against other elementary schools for medals in each event, striving to be the top winner overall. The Science Club members practice during our regular weekly meetings in preparation for the NC Science Olympiad. The Science Club members learn to apply their science process skills and science content knowledge for the NCSO competition. Science Club members also have fun doing "The Sport of Science"!
    Mrs Fruit-Cobb facilitate the activities.