LES Search and Reference Links

Safe Search Links

  • LES Library Link with 5 books on a shelf
    LES Destiny Discover Link

    Google Safe Search Kids, Th ekid friendly search engine, Lock Safe Seach at school, students looking at a computer.

    KidzSearch.com safe search engine for students

    Sweet Search, a search engine for students with blue, green and orange circles.

    The Teaching Learning Center Student Safe Search site, with red school house, S3 and magnifying glass logo link



Reference Links


    Britannica Learning Zone yellow words in a Blue square with puppy wearing glasses

    Encyclopedia Britannica Kids words in a blue box

    Smithsonian Seriously Amazing words with Yellow sun outlined in blue

    Black square with pink computer robot holding a globe with Kid Info words describing the site link

Research Links

  • Multicolored Kidtopia letters for kid research site


    Wonderopolis, Where the wonders never cease blue letters on tie dye background link to Wonderopolis site

    Ducksters green, yellow and purple letters with a duck and spectacle research site link

    Blue and Orange Fact Monster words and flying dog monster link

    Kids Discover words in a red box with a white hand in the background on a blue square link to site