Leesville Community

  • Welcome to Leesville Road Elementary School where we take pride in all that we do.
    We are celebrating 30 years of serving the Leesville Community!
    The Leesville Pride Starts here!

    Leesville Road Elementary School opened in 1992.  This year is not just a celebration that we are nearing the end of the pandemic.  This year, Leesville Rd. Elementary School is celebrating our 30th year serving the Leesville Community.  We are a K-12, three school, traditional campus that binds our community together. Our school encourages staff, students, parents and community members to be actively involved in the well-being of our students. The Leesville Community is a great place to start your child's education. Our community is very involved in striving to start our little ones on the path to success. We begin with incoming kindergarten activities prior to them starting school. Throughout the year, we host many family activities to get our parents and guardians involved in their students' learning. Be sure to check our calendar and website frequently for up-to-date information on these fun events.

    Leesville is a special community.  There are not many school environments (and especially in a public school system) where the school’s staff, students and families maintain access and contact with one another from Kindergarten all the way through their graduation from High School.  In fact, resuming our “Senior Walk” tradition of the graduating HS Seniors marching in their caps and gowns through the halls of LES this past year allowed Mr. Cohen to congratulate those HS Seniors who were in 4th Grade when he first arrived at Leesville Elementary.  What a thrill to see, firsthand, what the effort and love from the LES staff contributed to accomplishing.  Between the commitment, experience, continuity and excellence among our faculty and staff and the bright, curious, empathetic students and families, we have no doubt that this will absolutely be our best and most successful year yet!  The PRIDE Starts Here Leesville! 



  • Wake County Public School System will provide a relevant and engaging education and will graduate students who are collaborative, creative, effective communicators and critical thinkers.


  • Leesville Elementary School will foster a community of stakeholders who embrace diversity within a rigorous and innovative school environment. LES will champion the 4C’s through personalized learning experiences that grow critical thinkers, life-long learners and socially responsible, global citizens.

School Values

  • At Leesville Road Elementary, we are:

    • Creating an inclusive learning community that celebrates all learners successes and diversity in all forms (Collaboration)
    • Enriching student learning by partnering with families as well with local and global communities to broaden student opportunity (Collaboration and Communication)
    • Committed to data-driven processes to enhance all learning outcomes (Collaboration and Communication)
    • Fosters new and creative ideas and sees mistakes as learning opportunities (Creativity and Critical Thinking)
    • Will model continuous improvement and lifelong learning (Critical Thinking)
    • Teaching, modeling, and reinforcing the expected behavior throughout the total school environment (PRIDE) (Collaboration and Communication)
    • Empower students to become critical thinkers as they access a rigorous and relevant curriculum (Critical Thinking)

WCPSS Strategic Plan