• Welcome to the GMHS PTSA (Parent, Teachers, and Students Association)! We are excited to have you here!


    Who are we?

    We are a group of parents, family members, and community volunteers who work together to support our school and make great things happen at GMHS for the benefit of everyone!

    Meet our GMHS PTSA Board for 2023-'24:

    • President: 
    • Treasurer: 
    • Class of '25 VP: 
    • Class of '26 VP: 
    • Class of '27 VP: 
    • Class of '28 VP: 
    • Secretary: 
    • Membership: 
    • Members at Large: 
    • School Board Advisory Committee: rotating
    • Hospitality: 


    Who should join?

    Everyone who has any interest in GMHS! Whether you're a parent, student, family member, or teacher, we welcome you to join our PTSA.

    How much of an obligation is this?

    It's entirely up to you! We understand that everyone has busy lives, so we encourage volunteering whatever time you can spare. Remember, MANY HANDS MAKE FOR LIGHT WORK!

    By becoming a member and getting involved, you can support the school in various ways:

    • Your membership dues help support the school.
    • Encouraging others to join also contributes to the school's well-being.
    • Attending PTSA meetings and participating in discussions and votes shows your support.
    • Volunteering or contributing to school events makes a significant impact.
    • Donations to the PTSA go a long way in supporting the school.
    • You can even join our fun and wonderful group by becoming a board member, working alongside other parents and our awesome principal, Mr. Price!


    Stay connected with us:

    Email: garnerptsa@gmail.com
    Facebook groups: Garner Magnet High School PTSA, Parents of Garner Magnet High Students

    Want to learn more about PTSA's broader mission?

    Check out the NCPTA website: https://ncpta.org/. The NCPTA is the oldest and largest volunteer organization in North Carolina. Its mission is to advocate for the education, health, safety, and success of all youth while building strong families and communities.

    Joining the PTSA offers fantastic benefits! For youth members, it's an opportunity to develop leadership skills, learn about the legislative process, increase self-esteem, and contribute to the school. Adult members also gain a new perspective and a better understanding of today's youth.

    Learn more about the benefits of joining the PTSA...

    Ready to make a positive difference at GMHS? Join us today by visiting our store: https://gmhs-ptsa.memberhub.com/store. We can't wait to work together with you to support our school and create a thriving community!

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