• Rules & Procedures

Fire and Severe Weather Drills

  • When the fire alarm sounds, all staff and students are required to exit the building immediately through the appropriate, designated routes for evacuation. Students should be quiet and must exit in a reasonable, prudent, and orderly manner. Evacuation routes are posted in each classroom. Students and staff may return to the building when the all-clear signal is given.

    When the severe weather alarm sounds, all staff and students are required to move in a safe and orderly manner to pre-determined secure areas in the building. During a drill students are expected to sit on floor with back against wall/locker. During an actual weather emergency students and staff should crouch on their knees with their hands over their heads, near a wall and away from windows, in the designated areas provided. Students should remain in position in the designated areas until the all-clear announcement is made to indicate the end of the threat.

    NOTE: All drills will be announced.


Last Modified on January 6, 2021