• Rules & Procedures

Off-Campus Lunch

  • Only seniors and juniors may leave campus for lunch with an off campus pass. Students must show their lunch pass to be released off campus. Applications are found on the website and in the main office. Skipping class, tardies from lunch, or taking unauthorized students off-campus will result in revocation of this privilege. Commercial (outside) food is not allowed in the cafeteria.


    Off-Campus Lunch Under Plan B

    Except as noted below, high schools will not engage in off-campus lunch activities during Quarter 3.  Specifically, the following exceptions apply:

    • Where off-campus lunch naturally happens as a part of a students transition from one school site to another (ex: dual enrollment, etc.), off-campus lunch may continue.
    • If a school facility cannot accommodate lunch needs and student safety needs with the number of students on campus, they may with the permission of their area superintendent provide opportunities for off-campus lunch to seniors.  

    Schools must implement procedures to ensure that any student who has left campus and returns later has successfully completed the health screening for the day.


Last Modified on January 6, 2021