• Rules & Procedures


  • Students may request a locker through any one of their teachers. Teachers will inform Mr. Maultsby and he will issue the student a locker. Students may only use a locker that has been assigned to them by Mr. Maultsby.

    Student lockers are school property and remain under the control of Wake County Public Schools. School authorities may examine the contents of any locker for health, safety, or security reasons without student consent.

    Students assume full responsibility for the security of their lockers. Combination or key locks may be used on school lockers and the combination must be on file with the student's 3A teacher.  Students are responsible for memorizing their combinations. Unsecured lockers will be emptied and secured. Students should report all locker problems immediately.

    Students who use lockers in the locker rooms are expected to purchase a lock to properly secure personal items during PE classes. The school is not responsible for lost/stolen items.