• Our Centennial Campus students are fortunate to have access to technology as needed in all of their classes.  WCPSS Instructional Technology services have distributed Chromebooks to each student, creating a 1:1 environment. Teachers can integrate technology and blended learning as frequently as needed for the curriculum they teach.  It is not necessary for students to bring personally owned devices to school, given the amount of technology provided in the building for student use.  Occasionally, however, a student prefers to use a personal device rather than a school device.  In this case, students are permitted to BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) to use in classes.

    At Centennial, we have expectations for acceptable Chromebook use aimed at creating a positive and productive learning environment while ensuring responsible and safe use of technology.

    Responsible Use: Students are expected to use Chromebooks responsibly for educational purposes only.

    • Digital Citizenship: Students are responsible for being respectful and considerate when engaging in online interactions.

    • Internet Safety: Students use the internet safely and responsibly by staying on appropriate websites and using WCPSS-approved applications. 

    • Data Security: Students understand the importance of protecting personal and sensitive information, including not sharing passwords.

    • Content Use: Students are expected to create and consume appropriate content.

    • Communication and Collaboration: Students use Chromebooks for positive communication and appropriate language and behaviors when using collaborative tools with peers.

    Device Care: Students are responsible for the care and protection of their assigned Chromebooks.

    • Protection: Chromebooks should be in cases and carried correctly at all times.

    • Charging Cables: Students are responsible for maintaining possession of their charging cables, as well as keeping them in good condition.

    • Battery Use: Students are also expected to bring their devices to school fully charged, and manage their device's battery responsibly.

    • Classroom Devices: Students are responsible for the treatment and condition of classroom Chromebooks. 

    • Personalization: Students are welcome to personalize their cases with appropriate stickers and other materials, but no decorations should be placed directly on their Chromebooks.

    If you have further questions, please contact our School Librarian, Ashley Pompey at