• Eligibility

    To be eligible to participate in the After-School Intramural Program at Centennial Campus, a student must meet the basic academic and attendance requirements. Students must be passing all of their classes. Each student may not have more than 3 unexcused absences per 9 weeks. The intramural/staff will evaluate students’ eligibility at interim time and at the end of each quarter.

    Each student must also meet certain behavioral standards in order to participate. A student will not be eligible to participate if they is assigned in–house suspension, in-school suspension or after-school detention on the day intramurals are taking place. A student will lose his/her eligibility for the remainder of the season if he/she has been placed in out-of-school suspension. Students will be eligible to participate during the next season of activities.

    *Students are required to wear shorts or sweatpants/sweatshirt, t-shirt, and sneakers for intramurals, depending on the weather. 

    Interested students must have completed and turned a Certificate of Accident Insurance Form.

    ***Students are not allowed to participate until this form has been turned in prior to the start of intramurals and insurance information is included on the form. This form is also located on the Sharpen Your Saw boards within the school. 



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