• At Centennial Campus Magnet Middle School (CCMMS), we have a lot of awesome events happening every day on and off campus.  Some of these events are run by Centennial staff, others are just sponsored by the school and run by N.C. State professors and graduate students, and even a few are just cool events that we want our students to know about.  All of these events are on our website and they will be features on the WOLF News (the scrolling announcements on the classroom TVs).
    After School Activities - These activities (also called clubs like Chess Club and Student Council) are sponsored and run by CCMMS.  Most of these events meet after school, Monday through Thursday.  Parents can pick up their child at 4:15 or students can ride the after school bus.
    Electives - An important part of the CCMMS educational experience is our exploratory program.  These electives can be taken in addition to your 4 core classes.  For more information, please see your counselor in Student Services.
    Community After School Activities - These activities are sponsored and run by third party organizations such as Bandwidth, SAS, or NCSU.  These activities happen during the year, usually require registration, and may cost money.  While these events are not affiliated with Centennial, we think many of these activities are awesome opportunities for our students.
    Summer Opportunities - These activities are always during the summer and not affiliated with CCMMS.  We just want our students to stay busy and keep learning over the summer so we are promoting a variety of camps and events.