• Wake STEM ECHS Student Services

    College Form/Transcript Request DEADLINES


    College Deadline

    Student Services Deadline

    October 15

    September 24

    November 1

    October 5

    November 15

    October 22

    December 1

    November 5

    December 15

    November 17

    January 1

    November 23

    January 15

    December 8

    February 1

    January 11

    February 15

    January 26

    March 1

    February 11

    March 15

    February 26

    April 1

    March 8

    April 15

    March 22


    Note: Please make your request by the deadline to insure timely delivery.  Requests received AFTER the Student Services Deadline are NOT GUARANTEED to be processed by the college deadline. 


    Current students must request transcripts through Naviance Family Connection for a high school transcript and NCSU for a college transcript.  

    There is no cost for a high school transcript when students request through Naviance Family Connection.  North Carolina State University charges $10 plus a handling fee for each college transcript.

    Students who have taken college courses should send both transcripts when applying for colleges, scholarships, or enrichment programs. 


    Previous students, Alumni, and those seeking graduation verification for employment must request high school transcripts through Wake County Public Schools.