• Holly Springs High School is a large comprehensive high school with a variety of areas of focus for students.  Below is some basic information related to academic coursework at Holly Springs High.

    Academic Departments

    Academic departments include our core content areas of English, Math, Science, and Social Studies and extend into elective content in World Languages, Career & Technical Education, and Fine Arts.  Our Health & Physical Education department offers a mixture of required and optional coursework.  Learn more ...

    Grading Scale

    For 2022-2023, the grading scale is:
    A = 90-100
    B = 80-89
    C = 70-79
    D = 60-69
    F = Below 60

    Academic Supports

    Students have multiple avenues for support in their academic work at Holly Springs High.  Below are some supports available to all students.  For more information or for other possible supports, please contact your counselor.
    • HOT Lunch.   Each day between second and third period blocks, HSHS operates HOT Lunch.  "HOT" stands for Hawks On Task.  During this time, tutorials are available to students to seek additional help and teachers are available for make-up work.  Learn more ...

    • Credit Recovery Contracts.  At the end of the first and third quarter grading periods, all students who failed a course for that quarter are offered the opportunity to develop a plan to raise that grade to passing.  Please see the individual teachers or our Intervention Coordinator Ms. Young (tyoung@wcpss.net) who works with grades 9-12 for more information.

    • Parent Conferences.  At times, an individual plan of support is needed.  Please contact your counselor to set up an individual meeting to discuss support for your student.