Student Clubs and Organizations

  • Student Organizations & Descriptions 

    We have many clubs at Holly Springs High!  In general, there are four types of student organizations at Holly Springs High School.  They are:
    • Honor Societies:  Generally these organizations are aligned with a national organization that has set criteria for entry.  Each will have written information on the process and guidelines for requesting to join the organization.

    • Service Organizations:  Service organizations are focused on gathering students to build leadership in our school and community through service.  These organizations are open to all students who wish to participate.  Continued participation in the service club may be contingent on meeting certian guidelines for participation.
    • Co-Curriculuar Organizations:  These are organizations that support continued learning in a particular content area (ex: History Club, French Club, etc.).  This would include CTSOs (Career & Technical Student Organizations).
    • Student-Initiated, Noncurriculum-Related Student Groups.  These groups are initiated by students and are permitted to meet on school grounds during non-instructional time.  These could be related to a variety of topics.  The role of the faculty advisor is solely to provide supervision for safety.
    If you cannot find a club that interests you, please feel free to start a new club!  New clubs need approval from the administrative team.  If you are interested in this, please see Ms. Bollten (Assistant Principal) and she will talk you through the process.