• Welcome to HSHS Student Council (SCA)!  The student council is made up of students from all four grades who have been elected by their peers.  

    Advisor: Ms. Richer

    When does SCA meet? 

    SCA meets on Thursdays during A lunch in Room 3624  

    How can I become a member?

    Membership lasts one school year.  Rising Senior, Junior, and Sophomore representatives are elected each Spring through a vote in advisory.  New freshman representatives are elected at the beginning of a new school year in advisory.  See Ms. Richer for more details. 

    2018-19 Student Council Officers



    Student Body:

    President: Nate Stone
    Vice President: Ben Goetsch
    Secretary: Abby Akins
    Treasurer: Zachary Jamison
    Historian:  Hayden Bingham


    Senior Class:

    President: Caitlyn Morton
    Vice President: Trey Redfield
    Secretary: Gretchen Bingham
    Treasurer: Dylan Peters
    Historian:  Samantha Zugg
    Class Representatives:  Samantha Annetta, Jenna Klay, Sarah Taylor


    Junior Class:

    President: Maddie Schwenneker
    Vice President: Cayleigh Nelson
    Secretary: Wesley Ferguson
    Treasurer: Alyssa Morales
    Class Representatives:    Nick Wilcox, Clark Brammer, Jake Winston, Jake Blenderman, Grayson Smith

    Sophomore Class:

    President: Katelyn Sheets
    Secretary: Emma Rush
    Treasurer: Mason Schwenneker
    Class Representatives:  Ava Deibert, Ashleigh Nicoll, Lanie Mulkana

    Freshman Class:

    President:  Tate Mahar
    Vice President:  Gracie Vaughn
    Secretary:  Emma Striker
    Treasurer:  Michael Atwood
    Class Representatives:  Amelia Richer, Shrey Vasisht, Dominique Lynd, Dominic Meggersen, Emily Cancro, Brooke Greer, Hannah McCary