• Meet the Counselor

    Felicia Moore
    Dean of Students/Counselor

    919.335.1334 or fmoore@wcpss.net
    I am here to partner with students to support their personal, social, academic, and post-secondary needs. Throughout the school year, I am available for student-led appointments during the school day, as well as parent meetings as requested by email.  Additionally, as academic and social emotional learning needs arise, I can reach out to students and families for support. I am here to support parents as they navigate the high school experience with their child and all the joys and challenges that come along with it.

    Scheduling Appointments

    Student Appointments Only Google Calendar for Students Appointments Only

    Students can make appointments to see Ms. Moore, Dean of Students, during the school day by using Google Calendar. Students use Google Calendar to see when appointments are available and schedule an appointment that best fits their schedule. Students should not make appointments during the times they are scheduled to have a test or quiz in their class. Once they have made an appointment, they have to show their phone to the teacher and the teacher will allow them to report to the main office. If a student doesn’t have a phone, they can report to the main office to make an appointment and get a pass to show to their teacher at the time of their appointment.

    Parent Appointments:  If you wish to make an appointment with Ms. Moore, Dean of Students/Counselor, please email her at fmoore@wcpss.net directly to set up an appointment - we are unable to serve walk-in appointments for parents as we allow students to make appointments all throughout the school day.  We reserve time in the mornings and afternoons for parent meetings since we need to be available to students during instruction in the school day for appointments.  Parents - PLEASE DO NOT SIGN UP FOR APPOINTMENTS ON GOOGLE.