• Frequently Asked Questions


    Can my student double-up in math and take math every semester?  Answer: No. The Wake Tech course load is substantial and doesn't leave room for extra high school courses other than what they need to graduate. 

    Can my student take higher levels of a world language? Answer: Possibly. Students will likely only have room in their schedule for two levels of a world language (we only offer Spanish). Students with a background in Spanish can take a placement test to assess their level of fluency and will take the level that is appropriate for their skill. For example, a student whose native language is Spanish may test into level 3. In this case, the student would be able to take level 3 and level 4 of Spanish to equal two credits. 

    Can students drive themselves to school? Students that are licensed drivers are allowed to drive to school. There is no charge for parking but the student will need to get a parking decal from campus police (located in the main building at the RTP campus). They will need to show their license and registration to get the decal. 

    Can students go off-campus for lunch? Only juniors and seniors are allowed to go off-campus for lunch. We won't have any juniors or seniors in 2022-23, so this policy won't be in effect yet.

    How do I request bus transportation? Our data manager will automatically request this for you (you can decline it later if you decide to utilize carpool). If you have any questions, please email Jeff Caprio (jcaprio@wcpss.net).