• As a general rule, extended student absences for family trips and vacations are considered unexcused absences. However, there are occasions for which an excused absence is appropriate. 


    For an excused absence for educational reasons, the intent of the experience should have been educational from the outset and comparable to that which the student would have experienced in school. Family trips and vacations that were not designed, initially, to be educational will not be excused. School administration reserves the right to determine which, if any, trips meet this threshold. 


    To request an excused absence for educational reasons, a parent/guardian must complete a Request for Excused Absence for Educational Reasons form PRIOR to the departure date. School administration will review and approve or deny the request based on the information and circumstances provided. Completed forms should be scanned and emailed to our data manager, Crystal Hartzell, at chartzell@wcpss.net or hand-delivered to the front office.