• Fine Arts Department

    The Fine Arts Department at East Garner IB Magnet Middle School operates as a collaboratively cohesive unit that provides meaningful and relevant expressions of art through music, drama, dance and visual art. Students are immersed in international, student-centered art and exhibit artwork throughout the school and community. International artists and community artisans are often invited come to work with in various units. Fine Arts IB learners at EGMMS become self-reflective, as they travel through the journey of the artistic and design processes.Through these creative processes, students become aware of how the visual and performance arts impact their local and global communities.

    Additional information regarding the Fine Arts Essential Standards can be found at:

    Fine Arts Essential Standards

    Visual Arts Grading Scale
    • 50% Studio Projects, Test & Critiques
    • 20% Class work Assignments
    • 20% Sketch/Planning Assignments & Reflections
    • 10% Student Reflection for Visual Arts

    Performing Arts (Dance, Drama & Music) Grading Scale
    • 50% Classroom/Area Content Skills
    • 25% Journals, Critiques, Performances Processes
    • 15% Projects, Test, Quizzes
    • 10% Student Reflection for Performing Arts