2022-2023 EGMMS School Wide Grading Policy

    The purpose of the EGMMS grading system is to appropriately and consistently measure and communicate an individual student's level of mastery of defined learning objectives. EGMMS grading and reporting practices will support and encourage the learning and teaching process, promoting success for ALL scholars. Grading practices are not to be punitive in nature and will be based on factors directly related to the learning objectives, reflecting appropriately scholars' academic mastery of their learning objectives. 


    School-Wide Grading Policy


    Grading Scale:   

    A 90-100

    B 80-89

    C 70-79

    D 60-69

    F Below 60

    • Scholars are expected to submit complete and accurate work on time.

    • Teachers will utilize a variety of feedback strategies to understand and communicate mastery; to include recorded grades, written/spoken feedback and formative (non-graded) assessments such as exit tickets.

    • Teachers will assign a maximum of 3 graded assignments per week (electives every two weeks) with a minimum recommendation of 1-2. Teachers should not hit the maximum every week.

    • Teachers will provide a course syllabus to scholars, which will include learning goals, grading practices, including the number of assessments for each quarter.

    • Teachers will update Powerschools weekly by Wednesday at 5:00pm

    Category Weighting

    Departments will establish and utilize common grading categories and weights/percentages  (test, classwork, quiz…) in Powerschool.

    Late Work: We will use the apply the following standards in grading of make up work not due to absences:


    Quarter 1: 8/29/22-11/3/22

      Interims: 9/19 & 10/11

      Report Card Issued - 11/22

    Quarter 2: 11/7/22-1/26/22

      Interims: 12/2 & 1/6  

      Report Card Issued - 2/6

    Quarter 3: 1/30/22 - 3/30/22

      Interims: 2/17 & 3/10  

      Report Card Issued - 4/17

    Quarter 4: 4/10/23 - 6/9/23

      Interims: 4/28 & 5/19  

      Report Card Issued - Mailed


    Meeting deadlines is a vital workplace skill and driven by the development of organization and time management skills, which are areas still under construction for middle school scholars.  In the event a Scholar is unable to meet a deadline, we will accept late work with a penalty and guardian acknowledgement.

    There will be three hard turn in dates for late work during a quarter.

    • Late work that meets mastery criteria can earn up to a maximum of 80%. Inaccurate or incomplete late work will be graded appropriately from the maximum score of 80%. 

    • Incomplete work will be recorded as a zero until it is submitted.

    • Late work needs to be clearly identified in PS using the Late Work Icon

    Quarter 1 

    Quarter 2 

    Assigned From 

    Assigned Through 

    Late Work Accepted Until

    Assigned From 

    Assigned Through 

    Late Work Accepted Until



















    Quarter 3 

    Quarter 4

    Assigned From 

    Assigned Through 

    Late Work Accepted Until

    Assigned From 

    Assigned Through 

    Late Work Accepted Until



















    Prevention/Intervention System

    We will provide the following opportunities for additional learning, assessment of learning and grade recovery to support prevention/intervention efforts

    Additional Learning: Scholars not meeting mastery criteria (70% or above) on a summative assessment/project are required to engage in additional learning and feedback provided during class time. All scholars have the opportunity to engage in reteaching opportunities. Additionally, there will be a recovery/enrichment day every three weeks following issuance of interims where scholars have a period to make up missing work or engage in additional learning opportunities. 

    Additional Assessment: All scholars who participate in an additional learning opportunity (see above) will have at least one opportunity to be reassessed on the material or resubmit a project for full credit. Points lost for late submission are not recoverable in the reassessment.

    Grade-Recovery: scholars who continue to fail a course despite the opportunities above will be referred to the intervention team/counselors to develop an intervention plan.

    Extra Credit.

    Extra Credit is not offered ay EGMMS


    Academic Integrity - Policy Code: 4310 Honor Code

    • scholars are expected to present their own work that should not be copied from any other student, the Internet, a book, an article, or any other reference material.  

    • scholars violating the Honor Code may or may not have their grade be impacted based on PLT guidelines and may or may not receive a disciplinary consequence depending on the severity of the behavior.


    Honor Roll (WCPSS Board Policy 3440): 

    A student honor roll is published at the end of each quarter. “A” honor roll recognizes scholars who earn a grade of “A” in all subjects for which grades are given. “AB” honor roll recognizes all scholars who earn an overall grade average of “B” or better with no grade lower than a “C” in all subjects for which grades are given.  


    Grading Periods/Interims/Report Cards 

    Grades are computed and reported to parents once every nine weeks.  EGMMS requires teachers to issue interim reports to all scholars every three weeks. These special reports are designed to help parents monitor their child’s progress before official grades are assigned. They must be signed by a parent and returned to school within three days.. Parents are encouraged to contact teachers directly if they are not receiving interim reports.

    Quarter 1: 8/29/22-11/3/22

      Interims: 9/19 & 10/22   Report Card Issued - 11/22

    Quarter 2: 11/7/22-1/26/22

      Interims: 12/2 & 1/6    Report Card Issued - 2/6

    Quarter 3: 1/30/22 - 3/30/22

      Interims: 2/17 & 3/10    Report Card Issued - 4/17

    Quarter 4: 4/10/23 - 6/9/23

      Interims: 4/28 & 5/19    Report Card Issued - Mailed