• Policies

    Cell Phone Policy at EGMMS


    • Students must place their electronic devices and remove any headphones in the cell phone caddy immediately upon entering any classroom
    • Students may leave their cellphones in their lockers(if applicable)
    • Students that refuse to place their electronic devices in the classroom caddy will receive administrative consequences
    • Students that use electronic devices to create an unsafe environment will have the device confiscated and receive administrative consequences
    • If students have headphones, one ear must be uncovered at all times
    • The school system assumes no responsibility for personal technology devices brought to school


    Policy Code: 4309 Student Behavior – Code of Student Conduct

    Policy Code: 3225/4312/7320 Technology Responsible Use


    EGMMS Tardy Policy and Procedures


    • Students must report to school and to all classes on time
    • If a student is late to class:
      • Student must fill out google form
      • Student must place electronic devices in designated caddy
      • Students must not be disruptive when entering the classroom
      • If a student is late to more than 1 class per week, he/she will be assigned reflection time the following time during their lunch time
        • Students will still get a lunch and be served in the cafeteria
      • Habitually late students will be referred to counselors and administration and parents will be contacted
      • Students that do not fill out the form upon entering the classroom will be marked absent from class
      • Students that are more than 5 minutes late to class are considered to be skipping unless they have a pass
    • If a student is late to school, they are required to enter the building through the front office
    Students that do not enter through the front office will be referred to administration


    Dress Code

    Dress Code Policy

    Policy Code: 4316 Student Dress Code