• Year One, Year Two and Year Three students develop a positive attitude about learning mathematics and a deep appreciation of the subject matter. Students gain knowledge of the mathematical concepts, develop mathematical skills, and apply these to solving real world problems in their lives. Students understand the strong significance of mathematics in history and its international importance and diverse origins. Students will develop patience and persistence when solving problems and will be able to reflect upon and evaluate the significance of their work and the work of others.

    Additional information regarding the Mathematics Common Core Standards can be found at:
    Year 1 (Grade 6)

    Year 2 (Grade 7)

    Year 3 (Grade 8)

    MYP Subject Area Overview Middle School Math

    MYP Subject Area Overview High School Math

    Mathematics Grading Scale
    All assignments are weighted as listed below and averaged to comprise your child’s quarterly grade. Examples of weighted items are as follows:
    • Quizzes/Major Tests/Projects 50%
    • Class work 40%
    • Homework 10%