• Year One, Two and Three East Garner Language A students will read a variety of text types centered on unit themes. Unit themes for each grade level will vary. Students will learn how to read “deeply” and to annotate the text. The CCCS also places an emphasis on students reading across genres. There will be an increased emphasis on non-fiction text. Students will be encouraged to collaborate and engage in discussions with their peers on a variety of topics as well as for diverse purposes. Students will also engage in reflective and formalized writing throughout the school year.

    Additional information regarding ELA Common Core curriculum can be found at:
    Year 1 (Grade 6)

    Year 2 (Grade 7)

    Year 3 (Grade 8)

    Language A Grading Scale
    All assignments are weighted equally and averaged to comprise your child’s quarterly grade. In some instances, a grade may count more than once. Examples of items worth one grade are as follows:
    • Class participation
    • Quizzes
    • Daily class practice
    • Class work
    • Homework

    Assignments listed below may be counted more than once
    • Major tests
    • Projects /Presentations