• The East Garner Healthful Living curriculum is designed to educate the whole child; physically,  mentally,  socially, intellectually and skillfully. Students are exposed to a variety of physical activities that will enhance and broaden their perspective on the importance of daily physical activity as a lifestyle.  Students are enlightened by the many topics covered in Year 2 Health class. The curriculum allows students to research and share imperative health information that could have an enormous effect on their future. Students are taught healthy choices and preventive measures that may lead to a healthy life.

    Grading Scale/Rubric

    Physical Education: Daily grading consisting of active participation, dressing out, sportsmanship, and warm ups; 20 points each day.  Welnet  Fitness  Assessment  will be given twice (Pre and Post).  All Physical Education grades are based on the point system.

    Health Education Assessments include folder checks, unit test, and projects.  All grades are weighted the same.


    PE Website:

    EGMMS Health and Physical Education