Elective Course Offerings

  • Students at East Millbrook can explore a comprehensive menu of Performing and Visual Arts Electives. Our program progresses from beginning students seeking to explore the arts up to experienced art students who require the rigor of a double period of deep artistic study.

    • Students explore the arts in leveled, progressive visual, and performing arts classes.

    • Arts elective offerings in eight arts disciplines: 2D Visual Art, 3D Visual Art, Theatre, Chorus, Band, Orchestra, Dance, and Piano

    • With around 100 elective offerings in our elective catalog, students have a wide array of classes to choose from at every grade level.

    • Learn how to play an instrument, sing, dance, act, or create visual art. Work behind the curtain and build sets and learn about stage lighting and sound.

    • Elective Course List at a glance
    • Sixth Grade Arts Course Offerings for 2021-2022 at a glance

    • Unique arts classes such as Magnet Our World Through the Arts and Guild Arts Classes are exclusively offered at the Academy!


    Guild Classes


    For the Serious Young Artist

    Guild classes are daily double-period classes offered in each of the eight art forms.  Guild students are the most advanced young artists at the Academy. This year-long opportunity allows students to be surrounded by like-minded, talented, and passionate art students.

    These artistic laboratories will deepen artistic skill level and a love for the arts, offered in Theatre, Dance, Piano, Orchestra, Band, Chorus, 2D, and 3D Visual art. No creative experience will take your student farther!



  • The Department of Visual and Performing Arts

    Our award winning choral program pleases students, parents and audiences year after year. Students not only learn to sing, they become confident sight readers, enthusiastic performers, and are always ready to share their love of music. In the past three years alone, our choral students have performed at Music Performance Adjudication, Bush Gardens, the Governors Mansion, NCAE State Convention and more. Course offerings include: Magnet Apprentice Chorus, Magnet Vocal Ensemble, Magnet Choral Ensemble and Magnet Honors Chorus. EM3 is the only middle school in WCPSS to offer Magnet Honors Chorus as a daily double period music class. 

    To learn more about our chorus program follow them on Twitter:@AcademyChorusEM 

    East Millbrook Magnet Middle AVPA has a thriving band program. Beginners and experienced musicians have a variety of opportunities at the Academy. Our band students can be found participating in the Pep Band at an athletic event, performing at the NC Governors Mansion, sharing music with our community at retirement homes, and at local malls. Band students showcase how their musical skills have grown by competing with their peers on the festival stage at Bush Gardens and other competition venues. Our young instrumentalists share their gifts and talents locally and regionally. Course offerings include: Beginning Band, Intermediate Band, Advanced  Band and Magnet Concert Band whis is exclusively offered as a daily double period class here, at the Academy.


    In the fall of 2017, East Millbrook opened a state of the art piano lab. Students of various levels are able to experience daily piano instruction. Thanks to careful design, a beginning piano student can study beside a more advanced student and each can progress at his or her own pace. Upon walking into piano lab, you may not hear a thing! Students are listening to themselves play through individual headphones. With the press of a button our piano teacher can listen to students play on her own headset, provide real time feedback and instruction to an individual, while other students play undisturbed. Course offerings include: Magnet Piano I, Magnet Piano II, and Magnet Piano III. Magnet Piano III is offered as a double period class for the most serious musician. EM3 is the only middle school in WCPSS to offer a daily double period Piano class.


    Our Theatre department is a vibrant element of our Academy. Our student actors look forward to performing in two full stage productions each year.  Our theatre students, piano students and visual art students collaborate together to make each stage production gleam. Course offerings include: Magnet Introduction to Theatre, Magnet Puppetry, Magnet Acting, Magnet Playwriting, Magnet Technical Theatre and Magnet Drama Production. EM3 is the only WCPSS school to offer Magnet Drama Production as a daily double period class.  Students who wish to step into the footlights and those who wish to work behind the scenes, will find a place in our theatre program.


    in 2D visual art courses students will explore the elements of art through sketching, drawing and painting. Beginners, intermediate and the most advanced two dimensional artists will be supported, challenged and motivated to become the best artists they can be in our art studio. Elective course offerings include: Magnet Foundations of Art 2D, Magnet Drawing, Magnet Painting, Visual Composition, Magnet Commercial Art, double period Magnet Advanced Design 2D (Guild Class) and more.


    Student choice and artistic voice are two integral components of learning in the 3D visual art studio. Elements of art will be explored through three dimensional forms and materials. Young artists may be working with clay, fiber, paper, wire, metal or, our 3D printer.  Whether you are just beginning, or a seasoned student artist, all students interested in art are welcome to discover the joy of creativity and making art. Elective courses include: Magnet Foundations of Art 3D, Magnet Sculpture, Magnet Pottery, Magnet Carolina Crafts. The most serious of 3D artists have the opportunity to take Magnet Advanced Design 3D. We are the only middle school in WCPSS to offer Magnet Advanced Design as a daily double period Guild Class.


    The dance studio is always overflowing with students eager to share their creativity through movement. Our leveled, progressive dance program has room for beginners and more experienced dancers. Learning dance technique, choreography and performance skills are part of daily rehearsal in our beautiful studio. Our dancers regulary appear in our Concerts, Assemblies, Dance Performance Adjudication and Wake County Pieces of Gold. Course offerings include: Magnet Introduction to Jazz Dance, Magnet Jazz II, Magnet Choreography, Magnet Dance Ensemble, and Magnet Dance Company. EM3 is the only school in WCPSS to offer Magnet Dance Company as a daily double period dance class. Guest Artists and Artists in Residence frequent the studio. In 2019, it was our great honor to have Blackbox Dance Theatre visit as Artists in Residence for 10 days.