Elective Overview

  • Students at East Millbrook can explore a comprehensive menu of Performing and Visual Arts Electives. Our program progresses from beginning students seeking to explore the arts up to experienced art students who require the rigor of a double period of deep artistic study.

    • Students explore the arts in leveled, progressive, visual, and performing arts classes.

    • Arts elective offerings in eight arts disciplines: 2D Visual Art, 3D Visual Art, Theatre, Chorus, Band, Orchestra, Dance, and Piano

    • With around 100 elective offerings in our elective catalog, students have a wide array of classes to choose from at every grade level.

    • Learn how to play an instrument, sing, dance, act, or create visual art. Work behind the curtain and build sets and learn about stage lighting and sound.

    • Unique arts electives such as Magnet Our World Through the Arts and Guild Arts Classes are exclusively offered at the Academy!

    • Elective Course List at a glance - Use the tabs at the bottom of the spreadsheet to see all courses
    • Sixth Grade Arts Course Offerings for 2021-2022 at a glance