• The Arts + Pathway

    East Millbrook Magnet Middle, (EM3) was the original arts and design middle school on the WCPSS Arts Plus Pathway. We are proud to provide students with the opportunity to learn core content through Arts Integration and Design Thinking strategies. 

    Our small school size is the next logical step for our elementary arts plus pathway schools; Douglas Magnet Elementary, Wildwood Magnet Elementary, Brooks Magnet Elementary, and Wendell Magnet Elementary. Our unique magnet program is open to any family within Wake County who seeks a small school community that provides hands-on learning. Students who come to East Millbrook Academy of Arts and Design may continue deep arts learning and rigorous academics at Millbrook Magnet High School, our arts plus pathway 9-12 school. 

    Nationally Recognized Arts Instruction

    Join our nationally recognized, award-winning arts program! Before incorporating design into our magnet theme, East Millbrook Academy of Arts and Design received the Magnet School of America Merit Award School of Distinction four times. This prestigious award highlights our deep commitment to providing outstanding arts experiences in both core and elective classes.

    In our core classes, students engage with the curriculum through arts integration, supported by our full-time arts integration specialist who collaborates and co-teaches with our core and elective teachers to bring the curriculum to creative life. 

    Our extensive elective catalog offers nearly 100 courses, with a strong focus on the visual and performing arts. Students can explore eight disciplines: Band, Orchestra, Drama, Chorus, Piano, Dance, 2D Visual Art, and 3D Visual Art. At East Millbrook, students become designers, creators, makers, and performers. They can find a home on or off the stage, exploring three electives each day that match their interests.

    Guest artists frequently visit our campus to perform and collaborate with students in workshops and residencies. Additionally, our students travel into the community to perform, compete, and have their art skills assessed in various adjudications.

    Design Thinking Across the Curriculum

    In the fall of 2022, East Millbrook and three other WCPSS schools were awarded a federal grant totaling $13.5 million. These funds will enhance our magnet theme over a five-year initiative, bringing more opportunities to our existing program. 

    Starting in 2023, Design Thinking has been introduced into our core classes. Students at EM3, who were already benefiting from arts-integrated lessons, now experience even greater engagement and understanding through this innovative approach. Teachers incorporate Design Thinking into core instruction, designing lessons that help students explore local and global concerns from multiple perspectives. Students conduct research, brainstorm ideas, build and model solutions, and present their solutions to authentic audiences. These presentations can take various forms, such as digital projects, monologues, public service announcements, or other creative formats. 

    Design Thinking makes student creativity visible in new and refreshing ways, adding structure to our artistic expressions. Beginning in the fall of 2024, our full-time design integration specialist will further enhance this experience by collaborating with teachers, co-teaching, and leading professional development to deepen Design Thinking in both core and elective classrooms.

    Questions about our Magnet Program? Email Joanna Caves at acaves@wcpss.net