RHS Student Council

  • Student Council at RHS

    Student Council's mission is to create the strongest, most involved and active school community. It works to enhance student life, build school spirit and pride, strengthen the overall school and contribute to charitable causes and to the community. Independently and in collaboration with various school groups: it initiates, sponsors and directs school and social events, activities, campaigns and programs from the student perspective. Annually it strives to create both a fun and memorable school year and to ultimately leave a legacy for future councils to build upon. As the elected student leadership of the school, it works to represent the concerns and opinions of the Student Body to the school, the community, and to school administration.

    Class of 2018 (Seniors)

    President - Sarah Muti

    Vice President - Katie Nguyen

    Secretary - Sofia Morales

    Treasurer - Paulina Bui

    Public Relations - Valeria Carrillo-Torres

    Historian - Arianna Hopkins

    Representatives- Ashely Evans, Emmelyne Bernardin, Maria Beshara


    Class of 2019 (Juniors)

    President - Naomi Smith

    Vice President - Hannah Stroot

    Secretary - Jennie Vo

    Treasurer - Kayla Huynh

    Representatives- Nellyana Cordero-Cisnero, Justina Hanna


    Class of 2020 (Sophomores)

    President - Kathy Vu

    Vice President - Samantha Romanchick

    Secretary - Amara Chukwunyere

    Treasurer - Alexis Duran

    Representatives- Desirae Mills, Batool Khadri, Zuhal Muti, Kendra Harris,

    Monica Ragsdale, Morgan Douglas, Taryn Lewis, Lia Santana, Kanel Waller



    Class of 2021 (Freshman)

    Co-President – Ashleigh Vilga

    Co-President – Tonie Higgs

    Secretary – Katherine Alfaro-Marquez

    Treasurer – Tracy McWilliams

    Representatives- Mariam Darboe