• Oh! The places you'll go...if you make school attendance a priority! Trojan, use this page to learn the GMHS attendance policies and to find out how you can get your attendance back on track.

    Reasons for chronic absenteeism:

    • Skipping
    • Homelessness
    • Immediate need to work for household survival 
    • Limited motivation
    • Limited supervision at home 
    • Long term suspensions 
    • Medical issues
    • Mental health issues
    • Over aged for current grade
    • Parenting students with limited childcare resources

    Trojan, if you identify with any of the reasons above, please consider talking with your counselor or our school's social worker. We have ways to help you! Also, in many instances we can provide you with contract options for a fresh start. Make a commitment to your success today!

  • GMHS Attendance Policy:

    Cumulative absences (excused or unexcused) above ten (10) in a block course, which includes A/B courses that meet every other day (twenty (20) in a full-year course that meets every day) are considered excessive. If a student fails to meet previously determined attendance expectations he or she may be subject to course failure or retention. View our "Attendance at GMHS" best practices for students.

    GMHS Attendance Plan:

    School will intervene at intervals when unexcused absences accumulate. View our Attendance Plan.

    Wake County Attendance Fact Sheet:

    Board policy governs both excused and unexcused absences. View more attendance requirement details with the fact sheet.

    Skipping a class or full day of school can really add up over time. Find out how your missed days affect your chances of graduating on time with Get Schooled's attendance calculator!

    Learn facts about school attendance and the impacts of missing too much school at Attendance Works.