Ligon Visual Art Club

    The Visual Art Club is mentored by Ms. Greninger and Ms. Murphy. It is a wonderful place to make art friends, get involved in arts competitions, extra time for art projects or your own projects, field trips, gallery installations and collaborative projects! It is open to anyone on campus who is interested in making art! Join anytime. The one rule of the club is...you have to be making art while attending. 

    How do I join?

    Speak to Ms. Greninger or Ms. Murphy, fill out the registration form and come to the next meeting. Make sure that you can be picked up by 4pm. 

    How often do we meet?

    Every other Tuesday from 2:45-3:45. Pickup by 4pm. The club meets in Ms. Greninger's room, 3112. See the schedule on the wall by her room or on the registration form. 

    Are there any competitions?

    We encourage students to compete in arts-related competitions. 


    Contact Chelsea Greninger, cgreninger@wcpss.net or Aleix Murphy, akmurphy@wcpss.net